Olympic Committee of the Netherlands Antilles (NAOC)
The Olympic Committee of the Netherlands Antilles (NAOC) is a private, not-for-profit organization and represents the private sports sector in the Netherlands Antilles. NAOC is proud to be one of the official 205 Olympic Committee’s, members of the international Olympic Family and promoters of the Olympic movement. NAOC is responsible for all aspects of the Netherlands Antilles’ involvement in the Olympic movement, including the participation in the Olympic Games. NAOC additionally manages a wide variety of programs in order to develop sports on all five islands Saba, St. Eustatius, Bonaire, St. Maarten and Cura├žao.

Good Governance
Accountability is a main priority for NAOC on an annual basis. An external accountant yearly prepares the financial annual report, which then is being controlled by a commission installed by the 30 National Sports federations.
NAOC’s policies are as transparent as possible in order to facilitate the sports federations and athletes.

NAOC Board 2009-2012

  1. Mr. William W. Millerson, residing in Curacao, as President;
  2. Mr. Imro H. van Wilgen, residing in Curacao, as Secretary General;
  3. Mr. Edelmiro A. Seferina, residing in Curacao, as Treasurer;
  4. Mr. Hesley Heerenveen, residing in Curacao, Assistant Secretary General;
  5. Mr. Richard L. Leito, residing in Curacao, as Vice President;
  6. Mr. Hubert P. Isenia, residing in Curacao, as Assistant Treasurer;
  7. Mrs. Maria P. Bass, residing in St. Maarten, as board member;
  8. Mr. Victor Elhage, residing in Curacao, as board member;
  9. Mr. Elvin J. Henriquez, residing in St Eustatius, as board member;


NAOC Office
Remco Tevreden, Director
Kathleen Anthony, Projectcoordinator
Ruella Benoit, Office Assistant
Sharesca Raap, Financial ass.
E. Jacobus, Driver